The Trust Walk;Strength in Surrender

Hello beloved of God,

Welcome to our third installation of the series on trust. I’m honestly enjoying this walk. It is one of those moments when you uniquely experience God to a point that you don’t want to trade the good thing that He is doing in your life with the good thing that He is doing in another person’s life.

I believe that one of the things that we can never run away from in this life is the power of choice.(Deut. 30:15) As we interact in light of what God is communicating through this piece, I would like to encourage you to allow Him to point you to the unique things that you are called to choose in this season of your life.
Thus far you might be thinking, how does this tie with surrender? Just continue flowing with this and you will see:)

Surrender entails trading the lie that you have embraced so as to embrace the truth in that area and thus experience its fullness in your life.

Allow me to illustrate.
In one of our previous installations, we verified that in every situation, there is the highest standard of goodness that we are to experience by virtue of being sons of God. That means that God is always sufficiently prepared for us.(Eph. 2:10) He speaks forth what He has prepared and allows us to effect it. God only speaks truth. God and truth are not independent of each other. It is however quite unfortunate that we have constantly been at the impact of the lie to a point that it has shaped most of what we have believed in and experienced. (Rom. 12:2)

When God speaks forth the truth, our place in surrender is letting go of the lie and embracing God’s truth. The reason why I see this as surrender is that its not easy to forsake what has taken root in you so as to trade it with something that is new. Something that you have not experienced before.

Surrender is you responding to the truth that by Christ’s stripes you were healed and forsaking the lie that you should be comfortable with sickness and infirmity.(1 Pet. 2:24)
It is you embracing the truth that you are loved and forsaking the lie that you are rejected. (Psalms 136:26)

It is embracing the truth that you are complete in Christ Jesus and forsaking the lie that you are not good enough. (Col. 2:10)

Surrender is not a response to the move of emotion, it is the conscious decision to recklessly abandon yourself to the person of God. Notice that I have said the person of God and not the things of God. It is possible to have your heart abandoned to the things of God(availed through platforms and programs) but not to the person of God. I however digress.

As you behold Christ, you are contacting truth and that is what causes you to actively operate in who you really are in Christ Jesus; A complete son of God called to manifest the realities of Heaven on Earth. (2 Cor. 3:18)

It is very important to know what God is doing in you in a moment so as to surrender to His doing. He began a good work in us, it is His joy to bring it to completion.(Phil. 1:6) Our place in this good work that He is doing is surrendering. Then we can cooperate with Him. I tell you, you need to trust for you to effectively do this.

Two cannot walk together unless they agree. (Amos 3:3) For God to effectively accomplish this good work, you need to agree with Him. You need to agree with truth.

I have noticed that depending on what God is doing in my life, He invests a lot in addressing some strongholds that are exalting themselves above the particular thing that He is doing in that moment. I’ve had to surrender to His word and let go of those lies that I’ve embraced. I’ve had to trust in the process even though I had been comfortable with experiencing the lie that had to be pulled down.

I’ve had to trust!

Sometime last month, I felt God usher me into a place where He needed to check my considerations. He wanted to solely inform my thoughts. He wanted me to come up higher in my meditation culture given that my mind needed to he renewed in certain aspects.
Now, I was in a toxic relationship with memes. Yes, memes! Sometimes I’d find myself wrapped up as the audience of memes for close to three hours. What happened was that, they were shaping my meditation in a way that did not agree with what God was doing in my life at that moment.
When I realized this, I deleted my social media accounts and gave myself a break as I embraced the thing that God had began. I have honestly seen fruit in this particular season.
This is given that I chose to trust and agree with Him even though my understanding could not grasp the fullness of what God was doing.

I have too much to share on this, but I choose to let you meditate on that for now.

A disclaimer that God instructed me to make:
It is important to know God as your God.
God did not not create clones and so we don’t have the right to trade our uniqueness in pursuit of being like another. When you read such a post and possibly get challenged, or when you are at the impact of learning anything new from anyone, your place is not to copy paste it into your routine. I personally don’t copy paste people’s opinions and strategies however flourishing they might look. I seek God’s heart concerning what I have received from them so that I can know how uniquely God wants to apply that aspect in my life.
As we interact in my literature, be sure to ask God to show you how He uniquely wants to apply this trust walk in your life. He actually wants you to walk in a greater place in terms of trust. However, what you will experience is not a replica of what I have but a unique walk with God depending on the good work He is doing in you.

P.S: I have nothing against memes to the extent that they echo God’s word:)

Looking forward to hearing from you:)

You are blessed❤


The Trust Walk; The Start is Relationship

Hello beloved:)
Here goes the second installation of the series, ‘The Trust Walk’. I can’t explain how excited I am about this piece! Okay…I must admit, my excitement levels are normally out of this world.

Today, I wish to highlight the place of relationship in trust. To think of it, it is quite impossible to handle the question of trust without shedding light on the aspect of relationship. I tend to think that relationship is the basis of trust. Think of these two scenarios for a second; In two different moments, you happen to get two identical messages inviting you to a hotel for a date. One is from your mother and another is from a sender unknown to you. Which of those messages are you likely to yield to?

I’ll tell you this for free, when it comes to my mothers text, I’ll probably freshen up and go for that date right away. However, when it comes to the unknown sender, I’ll probably disregard it and assume that they are up to no good.

What makes the difference? I’ll tell you what, its relationship.

As the Lord has been highlighting the aspect of trusting Him in my life, I have seen Him draw me to a place of intimacy with Him; a place of seeking.

It is the place of intimacy that cultivates trust. Once intimacy is dealt with, trust is automatic. Relationship always precedes trust.

When I am home, I do not have to conduct a search in the house before I leave my laptop in the living room. I randomly leave my valuable items in the house because there is a standard of relationship that has been attained between the members of the household and I.

God wants everything to start from the place of intimacy with Him. Including this trust walk. He doesn’t want you to be a spectator of His goodness. he wants you to experience Him. Experiencing God is personal. So is trusting.

No one can experience God on your behalf. You see, we were created in such a way that some things are unique to us. One of them is the experience of relationship. There is no other person who can be the me that I can be in a relationship.(You should read this again) The way I express myself to another individual is unique to me. This is the same when it comes to our relationship with God.

We are individually unique in our relationship with Him and it is His joy that we express this uniqueness as we interact with Him.

It is so beautiful that He has billions of Children and you are His favorite:)

Say this with me… No one can take my place in my Father’s Heart.

(You should repeat this in case your heart is not assured yet)

I’ve been thinking about the lost sheep lately. I’ve wondered why God would leave the ninety nine to go and look for the one. Just think of this, one sheep will probably have enough wool for just a shirt. But ninety nine sheep….that’s a lot of wool! Here is God, chasing after one bearing-less sheep at the expense of a whole flock of ninety nine.

As I have interacted with His heart concerning His flock, I have got to understand that relationship is one of the things going through the mind of God as He is relentlessly looking for the lost sheep. That sheep is not just a ball of wool.

It is priceless.

It is unique in its individual expression. A uniqueness that God enjoys just as He enjoys the other ninety nine.

That sheep is one of a kind. He cannot find a replica of it.

It is my conviction that nobody can take my place in my Father’s heart. This realisation puts me at a place where I don’t want to relate with Him as a crowd, I want Him as the personal lover of my soul.

I feel like many people in the Body of Christ withhold themselves of the beauty of an intimate relationship with God because they settle on being fanatics.

They get excited about the things of God but they fail to identify with His person. They engage themselves with many acts of service in the church but fail to enjoy the sonship experience that Christ availed on the cross.

Maybe God doesn’t want the things that you do for Him as much as He wants the person that you are. Maybe…just maybe.

Its not enough to be a Jesus freak…its not enough to be the front bencher in the church. Its not enough to be the ‘know it all’ when it comes to scripture.

The place of intimacy is core in the Father’s heart. He wants us. Relationship has been His main priority since the foundations of the Earth.

Christ didn’t go through all that He went through on the cross just so that you could struggle your way into Heaven. God has always wanted to enjoy your presence as you enjoy His. Yes…God delights in you. He really does!

Its about time you start experiencing the person of God for yourself. Nobody can do this for you. Not even your very dedicated pastor.

You cannot trust Him that you do not know. Intimacy is a knowing.

Dive into this! God is calling you into a place of intimacy.

Happy Easter:)

Let’s Walk on Water

I think I should start by acknowledging the fact that I’ve been away for a while. I’ve honestly missed this space. As I logged, my heart throbbed at the beauty of my interaction with this platform that I regard as home.(chronicles of a story teller)

Enough with that…at least I’m back:)

The old is gone and the new has come.(see what I did there?)

Since end of last year through to this year, I have sensed The Lord launch me into a very interesting phase. No, ‘phase’ doesn’t quite capture what this truly is. This is more like a launch into a newer aspect of God that will propel me into a place of experiencing a greater glory in my walk with Christ. Not just for a moment, for a really long time…probably eternity:)

I’ve been on something I’d like to call, ‘The Trust Walk’.

As I was praying over my year, He really made it clear that He wants to deal on the aspect of trusting Him in all aspects of my life.

This wasn’t new, I had been at the impact of teachings along this line several times before, what could be new?

I’ll tell you what was new, EVERYTHING!

It is a privilege to share in the freshness of what I have been receiving from Him with you.

I trust God to be posting more consistently. It is in my heart that I share this Trust walk together with you as He consistently reveals His nature at a very personal level in your life.

In this regard, I would like to bring to your attention a certain portion of scripture.

Proverbs 3:5-6

[Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.
[6]In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths.
I need us to see that the safest place you can be is at the place of trusting God.

He doesn’t call us to a place of trusting Him so that He can harm or hurt us. He calls us to that place so that we can experience the fullness of that which He has in store for us.

We can attest that many at times when God gives us an instruction that shakes our understanding, we don’t welcome it with open arms. One of the reasons for this is because of our distorted perception owing to the standards of the world.

Over time, the world has fed us with standards which have made a home in our minds. Owing to this, every time God wants to introduce us to His best, we reject it because our minds are so comfortable with the lies that we have been fed over time. This is why renewal of the mind is important. Renewal of the mind by the Word of God causes us to share in His thoughts. As a result, we stop measuring God’s thoughts against the scale of our understanding.

I need us to see that every time we lean on our own understanding, we forsake God’s best in that situation.

God daily loads us with benefits. That means that for a child of God,each and every day there is a free package with your name on it. In every situation, there is the highest standard of goodness that we are to experience by virtue of being Children of God.

How we walk into these things that God has availed to us is by trusting.

When you choose your understanding at the expense of trust, you choose lesser portion compared to the standard that God has packed up for you.

My heart wants to pour out a lot more but my eyes are not as cooperative as they should be:)

On the bright side, this is only an invitation to this beautiful journey. A journey that let’s you walk on water freely without letting fear cave in. This is an area that I am growing in. It would bless my heart if we grew together.

Be on the lookout for the next post that will build up on what we have started.

So yes…welcome on board:)

Lets walk on water!

No Man’s Land

Have you ever been at a place where you value your aloneness more than the presence of people around you?

That place where you chose to give up on people because every time you let them in, they ended up hurting you:( Today I’d like to talk to those of us who have erected walls around themselves. Walls that are meant to keep the society out of their reach. Walls which they term as ‘protective’ when in real sense they are harmful. For starters, I relate with this chain of thought. I’ve been there. In fact, I’ve been at the impact of two extremes:

  • Being hurt by people and resolving to close everyone out.
  • Being hurt but letting everyone in as a result of being in denial.

Something that I’ve learnt with time is that, God values relationships.

He uses relationships to effect His will here on earth.

Being at a place of self reliance and dependence may sometimes deprive us of something that The Lord is providing.

There is a way that being secure in God’s love for us preserves our relationships. Relationships should be an overflow of the sufficiency we have in God. They shouldn’t be an avenue for us to try to gain value. Our place is to draw our value from God and thus value others as a result. That way, our value for people grows. This is independent of how they treat us.

When I picture relationships, I see people who have drawn their value from God coming together to facilitate purpose as God gets all the glory. Just to broaden our scope of thought, I’d like to point out that when I speak of relationships, I mean every avenue in which we relate with people; family, friends, colleagues and the like.


The reason why we might find ourselves withdrawing after being hurt is probably because we rarely consider God’s heart for relationships.Knowing God’s heart for us in this area gives us a sense of focus in our pursuit of relationships.


Finding our value in God puts us in a place where people don’t dictate how we treat them. Whether they hurt us or not, we maintain our joy and hope because our reaction is based on what is in the inside of us and not how circumstances look like.

Choose what you want to see in your relationships. You can decide to have your relationships work. They don’t have to fail. They don’t have to amount to heartaches and headaches. They don’t have to be a struggle. You have a part to play in them. You can get God’s heart concerning people you relate with and effect it.

Child of God, get out of that cacoon and step out. Be bold! Be confident! Don’t give in to how people are towards you. Express what God has placed in you. Most of the time, people who hurt you are hurting.  Subjecting yourself to their hurt only makes you a puppet of their circumstance.
Have you been hurt? Are your actions a reflection of that hurt? You can change that. You can step out and ensure that that heartache does not steal your joy. Break that wall that you’ve built around yourself. You never know, you might be blocking out people who are vital in matters to do with purpose.

As you consider the above, ensure that you employ wisdom when relating to people. It serves to guard both their hearts and your heart:)

~Stay Blessed

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Are you really Secure?

That heart throbbing moment was staring me right in the face. I had been postponing it for about 6 months. And to think I knew I had to do it yet I was hesitant. My hair had about 6 months worth of split ends. And I honestly couldn’t get enough courage to trim it. For one, it seemed longer and fuller- something I wanted to maintain. You see, I couldn’t get over the fact that I would have less hair after trimming. I was aware of the fact that my hair was stagnating in terms of growth and its remedy was to trim.

That whole scenario made me think through a lot about my life. Sometimes we tend to have false security.We glory in the appearance as we secretly get chocked by that which we glory in.

For instance, for my hair to grow, I had to let go of the split ends but they are what caused me to have the false security of long hair. In real sense, my hair was stagnant and unhealthy. Progress was not being registered.

Are you really secure?

Are you really affirmed?

The world has a tendancy of putting a lot of demand on us to the point that we end up living a life that’s not ours.

Until we get relieved from the false security that the world gives, we will forever be bound. I am convinced that true security is only drawn from Christ.

In the past, I’ve had to work extra hard in some areas just so that I could be affirmed by those around me. I’ve drawn affirmation from being among the brightest in the class as well as excelling in the numerous activities that I took part in. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against excellence:) In light of my experience, I worked hard to gain approval. I questioned how accepted I was and so I got means in which I could be appreciated. My false security was drawn from people’s view of my intelligence and excellence. Such a mentality is dangerous given that one has to constantly do that which causes people to accept them so as to maintain security. Case in point, I always had to maintain top positions so that I could feel good about myself. This is bondage:(

Ways in which people try to achieve false security vary. As long as you don’t get your security from Christ, you will constantly look for it in the systems of the world.

Sometimes you know that you need to let go of that friend who is a contributor to the stagnation you have but you can’t because you draw your affirmation from that friendship.

Sometimes its the title that you hold. When the title is stripped off, you get incapacitated.

The journey that The Lord has been taking me through in light of security has really been intense. I honestly can’t exhaust my heart dealings in one installation:) This means that I’ll be sharing more on this.

One major thing that has changed my life is the fact that the only person who had the ability to secure me is Christ. That whatever security I get that is not drawn from Christ is false. Christ is the standard of your security. Anything that is inconsistent with what He gives is too low for a Child of God to experience.

Sometimes you need to let go of the split ends so that you can experience the full capacity of your hair growth. Its about time you stop experiencing less than what God wants you to experience. Some friends shouldn’t be in your life…some habits should not be holding you back…some circumstances should not be your portion.

Choose to walk in freedom. Let Christ define your security.


Just Start!

Given that this is my first post, I must admit, I’m not sure what I should start with. Its one of those moments that one has so much yet so little. So here I am, going ahead and speaking my mind:) And I guess that’s more or less how life works.

Sometimes we don’t know how to start but once we start, we get a hold of the flow and end up making progress. Its dangerous to contemplate for too long…to stand at the shore thinking of whether you should dive in or not. A wise man once posited, “Without commitment you will never start, without consistency you will never finish.” Sometimes all you need is that commitment to start, and the rest will be put in place in the long run. Its no use sitting in a fully fueled vehicle thinking of your destination without making the step of turning on the engine and actually driving.

Have you been planning to start something for too long? Do you think that you are long overdue? Here’s a piece of advice…Just start! 

Are you afraid of whether you will make it or not? Start anyway!

Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship!

Get out of your comfort zone. For that thing that you’ve always admired from a far, stop admiring and start making steps to achieve it. It doesn’t have to be in the seemingly big things. There’s a great beauty in small things. Start a blog,make friends,read that book, enroll for that course, say goodbye to those things that have been holding you back….what’s the worst that could happen?

Yes you might fail while at it but in the midst of the fall, there’s a lesson. Get back up! If your perception is correctly placed, you’ll never come out without a benefit. 

Fall down seven times, get up eight- Denzel Washington

The above is just a note to self, and of course the rest of the world as we walk in this journey together. A journey that entails progress, new beginnings as well as new lessons.

You are officially invited to join in this journey of progress and results. Feel at home in this cradle of hope!